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New York Mayor and US General Review Volunteer Troops

With he outbreak of war in Europe, a “preparedness” movement has emerged in the United States. It argued that the US needs to immediately build up strong naval and land forces for defensive purposes presuming that the US would fight sooner or later. They are concerned over the weak state of national defenses revealed in the facts that the US combined forces are outnumbered 20 to one by German army.

General Leonard Wood is a leader in the Preparedness Movement. He attended Harvard medical school and join the Army where he participated in the last campaign against Geronimo in 1886, winning the Medal of Honor for carrying dispatches 100 miles through hostile territory and for commanding a detachment in hand-to-hand combat against the Apache. He served in the Spanish-American War and was named Army Chief of Staff in 1910 by President Taft, the only medical officer to have ever held that position.

The 30th New York Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served honorably in the Union Army during the American Civil War from the state of New York. Although America is steadfast in remaining neutral in the current European conflict, volunteer regiments throughout the US continue to drill and muster to show military preparedness. This includes a modern-day 30th New York Volunteer Infantry.

John Purroy Mitchel is the 95th mayor of New York City. At age 35 he is the second-youngest ever and is sometimes referred to as “The Boy Mayor of New York.” He comes from a proud Irish Catholic family in New York.

On January 20, 1915 Mayor Mitchell of New York City and General Leonard Wood reviewed the 30th New York Volunteer Infantry.



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