100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Postmarked February 9, 1915

In 1797, a British publisher issued The Young Man’s Valentine Writer, which contained suggestions of pre-written sentimental verses for the young lover unable to compose his own. Printers produced a limited number of cards with verses and sketches, called “mechanical valentines,” This changed the whole playing field of courtship as now love notes could be sent anonymously albeit less personally.This led to fancy frilly Valentines all through the late 19th century. In the US, the first mass-produced valentines of embossed paper lace were produced and sold shortly after 1847 by Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts.

An early 1915 Valentine

Embossed gold leafed postcard
“To My Valentine”

Whitney Manufacturing Co.
Printed Worcester, Mass. USA


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