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Recorded February 12, 1915

Nat M Wills - 1915

Nat M Wills – 1915

Nat Wills was born Louis McGrath Wills or Louis Magrath Wills or Matthew McGrath Wills or Edward McGregor or Lewis Wills. There are no legal documents. His family moved to Washington DC where he began appearing onstage. Wills appeared in melodramas and stage shows all over the United States. He is one of a few actors that alternated successfully between theatrical stage shows and vaudeville performances. Wills was one of the first entertainers to perform at the famous Palace Theater and he appeared in the 1913 edition of the Ziegfeld Follies.

In 1900 Wills Wills, with other performers, helped in forming the first entertainment union, The White Rats – (rats is “star” spelled backwards) organized June 1, 1900 to combat the abuses of the United Booking Office, a group of managers who had a monopoly on vaudeville bookings. Wills had a hit bit, The “No News” bit where he answers “No news.” about how he doing but soon by speech, grows it into a grand calamity. He’s been making recordings since 1908.

On February 12, 1915 the Victor Recording Company press a master of a recording made two years ago of Nat M Wills performing “Too Much Dog” recorded at Victor Record Company studios in Camden, New Jersey. In it Wills does a monologue about his dog.


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