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British Dardenelles Plan Moves Ahead

The term “battleship” was officially adopted by the Royal Navy in 1892. These were heavily armored ships, mounting a mixed battery of guns in turrets, and without sails. In 1906 the British Royal Navy launched the revolutionary HMS DREADNOUGHT which made existing battleships obsolete with 10 12-inch guns and unprecedented speed and protection. The ship’s name became a classification for this style of ship. In the first decade of the 20th century, a naval arms race commenced around the world as powers raced to match these new developments.

HMS Cornwallis is a pre-dreadnought battleship of the Royal Navy. After commissioning in 1904, she spent most of her existence in service with the Mediterranean Fleet. At the time of the outbreak of hostilities, she was part of the 6th Battle Squadron which was composed of pre-dreadnought battleships and based at Portland.Harbor off Dorset, England.

In January 1915, HMS Cornwallis was ordered to the Dardanelles to participate in the Dardanelles Campaign Churchill has been planning for. She departed Portland on 24 January 1915.


On February 13, 1915 HMS Cornwallis arrived at the island of Tenedos(Greek) or Bozcaada(Turkish) to join the British Dardanelles Squadron on 13 February 1915.


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