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Released February 15, 1915

Two weeks ago, Charlie Chaplin released a new film, his first with Essanay Film Manufacturing Company titled HIS NEW JOB. It was filmed entirely on location in Chicago, Illinois.


Edna Purviance

Edna Purviance

Olga Edna Purviance was born in Paradise Valley, Nevada in 1895. At age 18 she went to San Francisco to attend business college.

Essanay had opened a film studio in Niles, a small town in Northern California in April 1912. They made shorts for performers such as Gilbert M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson, the world’s first western movie star. Charlie Chaplin was in San Francisco preparing for his next movie and looking for his leading lady. One of his associates noticed Purviance at a  cafe in San Francisco and thought she should be cast in the role. Chaplin arranged a meeting with her and gave her the part. Rumors on set claim that the two are romantically involved.

Essanay Film Manufacturing Company studios in Niles, California 1914

Essanay Film Manufacturing Company studios in Niles, California 1914

On February 15, 1915 A NIGHT OUT was released by Essanay. Miss Purviance has dropped her first name and is credited as Edna Purviance. Another film written, directed and starring Chaplain, America’s most popular film comedian, is received well and looks like it will be another hit.


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