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Firemen Helpless In Pennsylvania

Ebensburg originated in 1796 and is a borough and the county seat of Cambria County in the state of Pennsylvania. In 1836, they organized their first fire fighting group, “The Ebensburg Hydraulic Company”. In the 19th and 20th century, the fire company, now called “The Dauntless Fire Company” distinguished itself as an exemplary company, taking first prize in four contests at the County Firemen’s Convention in 1910.

On February 18, 1915 a fire started from an unknown cause, in a poolroom in the Mountain House and spread along Center St. Unfortunately, the Dauntless gas engine burst a cylinder becoming disabled and gravity flow would not move water above the first floor. In an effort to stop the spreading fire, a newsstand was dynamited but this action did not help. The large amount of open space around the Cambria County Courthouse saved it from the flames. It is the largest fire Ebensburg has ever seen – eleven buildings and residences were destroyed along with twenty-six businesses. Damages are estimated at $200,000.

Ebensburg fire February 18, 1915

Ebensburg fire
February 18, 1915

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