100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Issued February 20, 1915

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – Volume 112 Issue 8

The first use of a wireless messaging system aboard a plane was in January 1911 at the Tanforan International Air Show near San Francisco. That air show, which was planned to show off military potential during war saw the first bomb dropped from an air plane by Lt Myron Crissy and the first landing on a ship then taking off and landing of earth, thus heralding the advent of aircraft carriers.

On February 20, 1915 the cover of Scientific American show a pilot and a wireless operator in flight.


COLLIER’S – February 20, 1915 featuring the short story “Saleratus Smith” by Ceylon Hollingsworth.


SATURDAY EVENING POST – February 20, 1912


PUCK – February 20, 1915 Woman Suffrage Number

Even though a National Suffrage Amendment Bill brought before the House of Representatives recently met defeat, the struggle continues for universal suffrage in the US. Suffrage seems to have it greatest support in the West where the states of Washington, California, Oregon, Kansas, Arizona and Illinois already have full suffrage and several others are inclined to follow suit.PUCK dedicated the February 20, 1915 issue to Woman Suffrage.


In this issue, a cartoon by Henry Mayer shows the sweep of Suffrage eastward across the nation.

THE AWAKENING by Henry Mayer from PUCK February 20, 1915

THE AWAKENING by Henry Mayer from PUCK February 20, 1915

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