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What The British Soldier Bears To The Firing-Line

The Illustrated London News, the world’s first illustrated weekly news magazine, began in May 1842 by Herbert Ingram. By 1863 it was the largest magazine in England selling 300,000 per issue when Herbert’s sons – Charles and William took over, growing the circulation and starting several spin-offs of the publication. Photographic and printing techniques were advancing and The Illustrated London News began to introduce photos as well as artwork into its depictions of weekly events. From about 1890 onward The Illustrated London News made increasing use of photography. In 1900 the next generation of Ingrams took over when Bruce Ingram took the helm. With the advent of War in August 1914, The London Illustrated News printed articles about the conflict.

On February 27, 1915 The London Illustrated News printed a double page article with 7 photographs – “Guaranteeing Efficiency and Comfort: What the British Soldier Bears to the Firing-Line.”

In the haversack : Knife fork spoon and mug, grocery rations, bully beef, biscuits and meat lozenges. In pockets Gloves, purse, penknife, pencil, compass, nail scissors, roll book, tinder lighter, cigarettes, tobacco, handkerchief, pipes.


In Knapsack: housewife(sewing repair kit) balaclava helmet, towel, mess tins, socks and holdall. Equipment: braces, right ammunition pouches, entrenching tool, rifle, bayonet, water bottle, straps, pull-through, left ammunition pouches.


On Person: Braces , belt, socks, vest, shirt, tunic, trousers, cardigan, puttees, service cap, muffler, underpants, body-belt, boots, overcoat and identity disc.


The entire article : http://longstreet.typepad.com/…/things-they-took-to-war-191…

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