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Italian Futurist Publishes Self-Portrait


Corrado Govoni was born in Tamara, Ferrara, Italy in 1884. He published his first volume of poems in 1903. He wrote for various publications and was drawn to Futurism, an artistic philosophy started in Italy that look at the technological developments of the 20th century as a beacon of the future :

“Comrades! We declare that the triumphant progress of science has led to changes in humanity so deep, to dig an abyss between the docile slaves of the past and we are free, we are sure of the radiant magnificence of the future … ”
(From the Manifesto of Futurist Painters, February 1910 )

On February 28, 1915 a self-portrait in ink and words was published titled “Autoritratto: Rarefazione di Govoni” [Self-Portrait: Rarefaction of Govoni]. In Lacerba 3, no. 9


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