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The Tsar Writes The Tsarina

In 1913, the Romanovs celebrated 300 years on the Russian throne. Tsar Nicholas II, who had ruled since 1894, and the imperial family made a pilgrimage across the empire in 1913 to great acclaim, retracing the route down the Volga River that was made by the teenage Michael Romanov from the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma to Moscow when he finally agreed to become Tsar in 1613.

But now Russia now fully engaged fighting the German and Ottoman Empires on front-lines that together, span thousands of miles. It was a war that Nicholas provoked when in July 1914, the council of ministers was held and Nicholas made the fateful decision to intervene in the Austro-Serbian conflict, threatening Germany and Austria and a step toward general war.

Now Nicholas is fighting a war with a Germany that has 10X the miles of railroad track than his entire vast country Making military logistics a nightmare. He must contend with a Duma that feels slighted and engages in blocking legislation such as hampering the organization of voluntary patriotic groups that want to help out in the war. The gulf between the ruling aristocratic elite and public opinion grows steadily wider making a fertile ground for radical groups to form.

Nicholas travels frequently but misses his family and writes his wife practically everyday.

Telegram. Stavka. 2 March, 1915

Warmest thanks for dear letter and news. It is warm, but dull. I am very busy and have to speak a great deal. Find time for the usual long walks after lunch. I shall write. Embrace everyone closely.


Nicholas II in 1915 with his wife Alexandera and children, Alexei, Olga, Tatyana, Maria and Anastasia

Nicholas II in 1915 with his wife Alexandera and children, Alexei, Olga, Tatyana, Maria and Anastasia

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