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Two Diaries From A Connecticut Farm

The Frank Seger family of Kent, Connecticut

The Frank Seger family of Kent, Connecticut

The Seger/Jennings dairy farm is in Kent, Connecticut. Cans of milk were driven by horse and wagon to the railroad platform at the bottom of the mountain every day. Family, farmhands and children performed endless daily chores. Frank Seger, father of five works the entire day on the farm. His eldest daughter Lucy has daily chores to attend to.

On March 5, 1915 Frank and Lucy Segar made different entried in their diaries:

Frank Seger
Sunday, March 5, 1915

12 Above. Cloudy acks like rain. I took the milk. Came back went down on road chopped ice & put on Salt. Heman helped Reubin Wolf saw down trees. Lewis drew to load of wood then cleaned out the Barn before noon. Took munare up to Comestocks after noon. Children went to ________.

Lucy Seger
March 5, 1915

Clear and mild all day. I made a cake in the morning. In the afternoon I swept and dusted upstairs. Mother up to Mrs. Smith’s in afternoon. In evening I went down to Darlings to a surprise party. Heman went down to train to meet Laura and one of her school chums. There wasn’t very many there; myself, brothers and Clarence J. was all. I talked with Sarah on the telephone.

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