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Immigrants Arrive In America

From 1836 to 1914, over 30 million Europeans migrated to the United States. The peak year of European immigration was in 1907 when 1,285,349 persons entered the country. By 1912, 14 million immigrants were living in the United States. Ellis Island in Upper New York Bay has been the nation’s busiest immigrant inspection station since 1892. In 1911 637,003 immigrants came to the US from Italian, Jewish, Polish, German, English, Scandinavian and Irish backgrounds. 1912 rates are slightly lower but people from all over the world seek to become US citizens and escape poverty and oppression in the home countries.

Arrival of new Americans
New York City, New York
October 30, 1912

On October 30, 1912 this photograph of a group of immigrants waiting to be transferred to Ellis Island for processing was taken.

School Photo


Trade school on South Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 28, 1912

Wedding Photo

George Morasch and Magdalena Mix married in Calgary, Canada on October 28, 1912.

George and Magdalena Morasch
married October 28, 1912

Campus Speech In Nebraska

Students at Omaha University in Omaha, Nebraska pose for the camera – October 22, 1912

Wedding Photo

Lucy Vincent married Owen Williams Matthews, Jr  on October 15, 1912.

Lucy Vincent Matthews
married October 15, 1912

School Photo

Silver Creek School

Silver Creek School
Jasper County, Missouri
Miss Jennie Bell’s class
October 8, 1912

Alaskan Gold Mining Camp

In 1883, Ed Schieffelin identified gold deposits along the Yukon River in the Klondike region of the Yukon in northwestern Canada. There were a handful of miners in the area when in August 1896 substantial finds were discovered and news of the finds reached Seattle and San Francisco in July 1897. This started the last great “gold rush” in America. Although reaching the gold fields was a long and arduous trek, 100,000 started out and 30-40,000 reached their destination of which perhaps 4,000 found gold. By 1898 people started leaving and production waned in 1903.

By 1912 there are still gold mining camps in the Klondike though most are back by huge investors and modern techniques.

Bear Creek Camp
Klondike River Valley
Yukon Territory
October 6, 1912

Photograph – 1912

Joseph B McClean is a young prosperous farmer living in Ozark, Missouri with his wife Bessie and small children. Here he poses in a horse and buggy.

Joe in his horse and carriage
October 2, 1912

School Photo

Hardison School – Muhlenberg, Kentucky
September 27, 1912

Notice the girl in the lower left with the date written on a blackboard and how no children are smiling except for the one girl in the upper left who is looking askance at the photographer.

Muhlenberg County Genealogy page – schools :http://muhlenberg.genealogenie.net/schools.htm

Hardison School
Muhlenberg, Kentucky
September 27, 1912

Wedding Photo

On September 26, 1912 Alma Caroline De Beaulieu married Dr William C Vollstedt at Holy Cross (Kreuz Kirche) German Lutheran Church in Davenport, Iowa. The Rev Henry P Greif officiated.

“The dress was made of white crepe de chine made over white silk, and draped in one-sided scarf effect, with princess lace that was edged with shirrings of the crepe. The wedding veil of lace and tulle fell from a wreath of green and white and the bridal bouquet was of bride’s roses and ferns.”

Primary Selections from Special Collections – Myths and Mysteries, Hysterical Histories, and Tree-Kickin’ Genealogy :http://blogs.davenportlibrary.com/sc/2012/07/02/one-hundred-years-ago-vollstedt-de-beaulieu-wedding/

Alma Caroline De Beaulieu Vollstedt
married September 26, 1912

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