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Postmarked January 3, 1913

Northfield, Birmingham
Great Britain

"All Birthday Joys"

“All Birthday Joys”

Postmarked January 1, 1913

United Art Publishing Company, New York
Printed in Germany
Embossed Gold Foil


Postmarked December 13, 1912

To : Robert Ryan Richmond
410 Raudolph Street

Centerville, Indiana

Postmarked December 4, 1912

From Cousin Edie M Wood

Miss Shakespear
12 Brunseick Gdne
WDec 4th.

I will look out for you on Sat at 12.33. There is a chance of my missing it as I can only catch it by allowing 1 1/2 hours margin! Oh


Stream and Countryside

Stream and Countryside

Postmarked November 29, 1912

Mary Anne McIntosh writing to David Monroe Henderson while they were courting each other in the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.

The Henderson family genealogy page :http://www.hendersonproject.net/Mary%20letters.html
Mr David Henderson
Burlington, Wyo.Basin, Wyoming
Nov. 29, 1912

Dear Dave,

It’s a good thing you didn’t turn round and come back, for I’m afraid I would have gone home whether I got a certificate or not.

I won’t be through until tomorrow morning but I’m going home and see the basketball game Saturday night. I’ll stay until after Mutual if you won’t be too tired after your trip to take me to Otto. I’m afraid you won’t feel much like doing it.

I had two Thanksgiving dinners yesterday. I was at Effie Gould’s for dinner and stayed all afternoon. Mrs Lou Blakesley invited me to her house for supper but I didn’t intent to go. Just as we were sitting down to supper, the Blakesley girls came after me so I had to go.

Well, I must quit or you won’t get this tonight.

As ever

Postmarked November 28, 1912

In 1912 the US mails over 900,000,000 postcards a year. They cover a wide range of topics including racial subjects. This interesting image shows a white young matron giving a basket of Thanksgiving goodies to an old man in a tattered coat, a “mammy figure” and a young boy holding a raccoon. The basket contains a turkey, a pie, a bottle of wine, wrapped presents and what appear to be books. This image of “white benevolence” is probably quite different than what was experienced by African-Americans in the South at the time

Miss Maud Hewit
Crestwood, Kentucky
R # 21
Hello Maud & Myrtle
How are you all? We sure did have an awful nice time while at your house. Give my love to your Mother and Father and your other sis Bess and the little ones. When do you think you all will come down?
Hattie & Dan (?)
Crestwood, Kentucky is just NE of Louisville and lies very close to the Indiana boarder.

Thanksgiving Day In The South – 1912

Postmarked November 27, 1912

Mrs william Wilbur
Lester, Ohio

Dear Friend,

Wishing you a hearty Thanksgiving.

Your friend

Mrs Helen Starr

Old homesteads sacred to all that can gladden or sadden the heart of man.

Thanksgiving Greeting

Thrice welcome the day in its annual round
What treasures of Love in its bosom are found
New England’s high holiday, ancient and dear
Twould be twice as welcome if twice in a year

Postmarked November 26, 1912

Miss Lydia Johnson
Ravenna, Ontario, Canada

Dear Coz,

Am in Gainesville to day where I do most of my shopping. It is a most beautiful day. Hope all is well.


Moonlight On The Florida Coast

Postmarked November 19, 1912

November 19, 1912

Mrs. B.E. Hedrick, Drain, OregonDear Aunt Litha,

We are all. Grandpa is feeling pretty well. The girls like the school better now. How is everybody and John & baby. Well this is all for this time.



Yoncalla, Oregon

Postmarked November 13, 1912

Dennison, Ohio
Nov 13 1912

Dear Pearl and Fred,

We got home all OK. its getting cold here today. guess we will have snow suppose you got your corn all shucked Think I will go to Pittsburgh next week then go up to Harrisburgh

As ever
aunt Nell

Incline trolley car on descent with Station Square & Smithfield Street Bridge below.
Monongahela Incline S S
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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