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Issued August 1, 1912

George Wolfe Plank was born in March 1883 near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A self-taught artist he worked in factories and department stores before moving to Philadelphia where he edited and printed The Butterfly Quarterly. from 1907-09. In 1911 he was hired by Vogue.

VOGUE cover by George Wolfe Plank
August 1, 1912

LIFE magazine – Newport Number
“Portrait of a Gentleman” by Carlton Smith
August 1, 1912


Man Take Dogs On Trip By Rail In Alaska

A man takes his dogs on a trip from Shelton to Nome, Alaska by hand rail cart – all 8 of them!

Alaskan Dogmobile
July 28, 1912

Issued June 1, 1912

COLLIER’S – June 1, 1912
The start of a detective serial shows gunshots through a door.

The latest technology in underwater dredges.

WATCHTOWER – June 1, 1912
Sins Never To Be Forgiven

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY – JUNE 1, 1912 Cover art titled “White Rose – The Bride Upon The Immortal Path Of Wonderful Dreams”.

COUNTRY GENTLEMAN was an agricultural magazine founded in 1831 in Rochester, New York. In 1911 the magazine began to address the business side of farming which was largely ignored by the agricultural magazines of the time. At 19, artist William Rannells painted a picture of a girl with a collie. He realized the dog looked better without the human figure so he painted the dog alone and sold it for $40. This became the cover of COUNTRY GENTLEMAN – June 1, 1912 and started Rannells artistic career.

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