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Sheriff Killed While Attempting Arrest Of Police Shooter In Texas

On July 26, 1912 Dallas, Texas police office T A Tedford was on mounted patrol when he was sent on a disturbance call. When he arrived on the scene the suspect opened fire striking him in the side. After falling off of his horse the suspect shot Tedford again, killing him. The suspect fled the scene.

On July 30, 1912 a suspect in the Tedfford murder had been identified and Sheriff Charles Stephens, City Marshal Tom Ferguson and Constable Enos Elder went to arrest Leonard Potts. Potts was sitting on the porch when the officers approached and began firing 2 automatic pistols. He killed Sheriff Stephens and slightly wounded Constable Enos Elder. Potts escaped into the river bottoms and is being sought. Sheriff Stephens had been married for only six months to Mollie Stephens, a school teacher.

Officer Down Memorial Page :http://www.odmp.org/officer/12759-sheriff-charles-stephens

Sheriff Charles Stephens

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