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Theodore Roosevelt Speaks

Theodore Roosevelt is running against Republican candidate William Howard Taft and Democrat New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson on his Progressive “Bull Moose” party.

On September 22, 1912 the Victor Talking Machine Company traveled to Emporia, Kansas to meet up with Roosevelt on the campaign trail. There a recording of his speeches were made at the Bartlett Hotel. Mr. Roosevelt arrived at the hotel room (now recording studio) where he threw his hat over on the small dresser and started right on with the work of making the records.

The Colonel made one record of a political talk entitled “The Liberty of the People,” after which he picked up his hat and started for the door. When it was pointed out that he was to make at least 4 recordings of his voice he threw his hat back upon the little dresser and exclaimed “I don’t know what to talk about.” After having finished the 4 records of political talks he was asked about making a non-political record that his voice might be preserved for future generations. Mr. Roosevelt’s reply was “No, I don’t care a damn about the preservation of my voice, no, I would not think of such a thing.”

Teddy Roosevelt

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