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Cut Outs For Children

Paper Dolls have been around sine there has been paper. The first manufactured paper doll, Little Fanny, was produced by S&J Fuller of London in 1810. The first American manufactured paper doll, The History and Adventures of Little Henry, was published by J Belcher of Boston in 1812. The first celebrity paper doll portrayed the renowned ballerina Marie Taglioni in the 1830s. In 1840 a boxed set was done of Queen Victoria.

These early paper dolls are rare and pricey. The economical idea printing paper dolls in the newspaper began with the Boston Herald in the 1890s. Two lady fashion dolls –one blonde, one brunette- were issued in the paper and others could be ordered. Costumes in subsequent issues fit the dolls in the first version. The Boston Globe soon followed with their own paper dolls and the Boston Post printed a series about Little Polly and Her Paper Playmates in full color. Soon many newspaper followed suit and paper dolls for children were printed everywhere.

On August 18, 1912 Cut Outs for Children featured a fashionable lady with several dress choices.

Cut Outs for Children
August 18, 1912


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