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The Balkans Heat Up

The Ottoman Empire went to war with Italy in October 1911. Taking advantage of the Italo-Turkish conflict, the entire Balkans makes moves to reject Ottoman rule. Serbia form an alliance with Bulgaria in March 1912 and signed a military agreement with Greece in June 1912. Serbian King Nicola I Petrovic made a verbal agreement with the Bulgarian king regarding military support against the Ottoman Empire. In September 1912 Montenegro announced an agreement was signed stating that Serbia and Montenegro would support each other militarily in case of attack by Ottoman forces. Greece and Bulgaria strengthened their defense alliance with details for conditions and procedures for mobilization of their armed forces.

The Ottoman government decided to take a stand. It mobilized its European forces with 175,000 in the Western Army at Macedonia and 115,000 in the Eastern Army at Thrace. Greece has mobilized its army for war. These developments are heating up the Balkans and creating an atmosphere of war against the Ottoman Empire.

On October 2, 1912 Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria sent an ultimatum to Ottoman government in Constantinople over military movements in Macedonia and Thrace.

The Balkans – 1912

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