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Issued June 29, 1912

Louis Fancher was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1884. He studied with various artists and is an illustrator in San Francisco as well as in New York. Fancher illustrated this June 29, 1912 cover for July 4th showing a young patriot playing Gulliver to his toy British soldiers.

June 29, 1912

Harrison Fisher was born in Brooklyn, NYC but spent most of his youth in San Francisco until he turned 21 years old. He then moved back to New York where he began his highly successful career as a magazine illustrator. Harrison Fisher never married, but his “secretary,” Kate Clemens, was also his lifetime partner. Fisher’s portraits of women rival Charles Dana Gibson’s “Gibson Girl” for popularity at the time. One of Fisher’s favorite models who he helped make famous was Dorthy Gibson who survived the sinking of the RMS TITANIC.

Cover Girl Dorthy Gibson

A month after the tragedy, Gibson starred in a movie about the doomed liner.


On June 29, 1912 Fisher once again used Gibson for a SATURDAY EVENING POST cover.

Dorthy Gibson on the cover of THE SATURDAY EVENING POST
June 29, 1912

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