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RMS TITANIC Victim Recovered

As soon as they could, the White Star Line sent ships to the site where the liner RMS TITANIC struck an iceberg and sank to recover bodies.


After the Mackay-Bennett was sent, White Star sent the Minia.


Other ships have been on the serach as well.

On June 6, 1912 the SS ALGERINE, a 505-ton cargo and passenger ship that was sometimes used for sealing, which had been searching the area where the RMS TITANIC sank for over a month, returned to port. They have only recovered one body that of James Grady, salon steward and that was in the first week at the site. Since then nothing else was found. It is the opinion that all the bodies have long since gone to the bottom of the ocean and there is very little chance of any others being found.


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